For decades, there have been a lot of discussions in the roofing industry about what roof type is the most efficient – flat or pitched. There are so many opinions on this subject, that it would take us 100 pages just to sum all of them up. However, due to our immense track record in advising hundreds of homeowners that read our blog, we have the most important information you need to make a smart decision. Before we begin, simply know that the roofing type you will end up sticking with will mostly depend on your property, your needs and the location your house is in.

What Is Your Property’s Type?

The most important question of them all. See the type of roof you will end up installing will strictly depend on your property’s type. There are 2 main types of property and that is Commercial and Residential. Let’s talk about them right now and determine which roof type (flat or pitched) will be the best option.


I think you already know that most commercial properties such as service businesses, offices, restaurants, and agencies have flat roofs. This is simply because these types of properties are huge in size, so it doesn’t make sense for them to have a pitched roof. If that was the case, not only will you need a huge amount of investment to build that gigantic roof, but it will not look proportional at all. Every single startup business that needs an office to work in will not have a huge budget to spend – this is one of the main reasons why a flat roof is so convenient. Most flat roofs are built with EPDM – a rubber substance that is highly resistant to heat and cold temperatures.


When you think about residential type properties, the number one thing that comes to mind is normal housing that is built for families or people to live in. For residential types of housing, it makes sense to have a pitched roof because ultimately, a pitched roof is designed to last longer than a flat roof. Now, this does not necessarily mean that having a flat roof for residential property is not wise. Some people consciously choose to have flat roofs installed if the residential property is huge in size. However, for a mid-sized family, the property they will reside in will usually have a pitched roof just because of one factor – longevity. Secondly, when we look at a pitched roof from a design perspective, it looks way more appealing than a flat roof visually. This is also one of the reason’s why pitched roofs are more popular than flat ones.


Flat roofs are mostly built for commercial properties and businesses because they are way cheaper to install. However, from a maintenance perspective, they will collect more dirt, moisture and other residues like leaves or branches, thus requiring more maintenance. Moreover, their lifespan is much shorter compared to pitched roofs. Pitched roofs are more suitable for residential properties because they are more visually appealing, their longevity wins over the initial cost to get them installed and most importantly, they are the most popular roofing type there is.